Knife Sharpener & Ceramic Cutter Sharp'n Cut  Lansky

Knife Sharpener & Ceramic Cutter Sharp'n Cut Lansky

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Product Description
2 in 1 portable tool offers users a knife sharpener and a small ceramic blade, all in one convenient package. Featuring an internal magnet that allows you to click it onto any metal surface such as a refrigerator, tool cabinet, shelf, etc. The magnet keeps it on hand to sharpen or cut in a pinch. Using the blade of the Sharpen Cut is as easy as pressing the bottom of the tool against the object you'd like to slice. As with ceramic knives, the ceramic blade of the Sharp'n Cut is extremely hard, wear resistant, and fine enough to cut and slice packing tape, envelopes, paper, packaging etc. The carbide sharpener can sharpen a blade within seconds in just a few strokes. Made in USA.